Islam is not a “religion of peace”.

You will quite often hear Muslims claiming Islam is “peaceful”. I would quite like to add that it really isn’t. In fact, its quite the opposite. I do not believe any religion is peaceful or morally superior; all religious scriptures have some form of immorality within them. However, Muslims-for some reason-believe they have the “true word” and claim it is “peaceful”. To claim this religion is peaceful is insanity, it is full of evil.

You will have heard of the Danish cartoon controversy. In 2005, a Danish newspaper published a cartoon in which Muhammad was the main character.  Immediately, thousands of Muslims flooded the streets of New York, Washington D.C, Toronto and London (there are also a few other big cities which was used as protest grounds). We do, indeed, have the right to protest peacefully… but… we cannot use “hate speech”. Such signs like “DANISH FOR THE HELL-FIRE” and  “SLAY THOSE WHO INSULT ISLAM” Is hate speech.

Picture this (and it has happened), a group of protesters walk into the middle of the street and hold up signs saying   “Islam is false” and “Muhammad was evil” , I can comfortably tell you that those people were arrested for… guess what?…. HATE SPEECH. Those were to signs which were held up by protesters after the Woolwich terror attack.

Another example of Islamic (and religious) madness was the man hunt for writer Salman Rushdie. Rushdie, is a successful fiction author; who is most famous for his novel, “The Satanic Verses”. Part of this novel is based on the life of Muhammad, He was issued with a fatwa (death penalty) for “blasphemy. The idea of-in the 21st century- executing people for blasphemy sounds almost humorous. But it gets worse, in Islamic run countries (like Saudi Arabia) , you can be executed for homosexuality, “adultery” and “witchcraft”.

Luckily, we were able to protect Rushdie from these mad men (and women), he is-almost- safe and sound… and still writing novels!

Some of you will probably say these people were “extremists” or “terrorists”, and my article is only showing the extreme side of Islam. Well, I do agree (in a way). I know Muslims, half of them seem to be perfectly normal; however, the other half have said things to me which are worrying. Also, thousands upon thousands of Muslims took part in burning dolls of Rushdie, as well as joining in with the “SLAY THOSE WHO MOCK ISLAM” ranting.

I do not, however, have to criticize Islam’s acts in the 21st century. I can go straight to the core. I, have taken it upon myself, to read the English translation of the Koran and highlight the immoral and damn right evil sayings and teachings within it.

The version I am reading was translated by Muhammad Mushin Khan, an ancient Islamic doctor. So please, do not tell me the version I am reading is “fake”, as it is read by many non-Arabic speaking Muslims; and has been translated BY A MUSLIM.

So, here are some quotes from the Quran:

“turn in repentance to your creator and kill yourself”

“And for the disbelievers, there is a disgracing torment.”

“Jews the greediest of mankind for life and eternity”

“And say not of those who are killed in the way of Allaah, “they are dead”. Nay, they are living. But you perceive it not.”

“And fight then until there is not more Fitnah  (disbelief and worship)”

“Jihad (holy fighting in Allaah’s cause) is ordained for you (Muslims) though you dislike it, and it may be that you dislike a thing which is good for you and that you like a thing which is bad for you. Allaah knows but you do not know”.

These a taken directly from the Quran. And, according to my kindle, I am only 6% through it.




Is a God needed to create the universe?

The theory of God makes no sense; especially the Abrahamic god. As, it is believed that God created the universe and its inhabitants within 6 days (and rested on the 7th). How could God create something within a certain amount of time, when there is no time? There,literally, is no time for intelligent creation.

In order to create a universe all you need is matter (things with mass) and energy.

E=MC(squared)- Albert Einstein

E=MC (squared) simply states that matter (mass) is a form of energy.

EMPTYNESS is the key.

Imagine, I have to shoeboxes.

Shoebox 1: An empty cardboard shoebox.

Shoebox 2: An cardboard shoebox filled with 120kg of weights.

If, I were to kick shoebox 1; the box would go flying (not literally, of course). On the other hand, if I were to kick shoebox 2; it would hardly budge (and probably hurt my foot…  A LOT!).

What I’m trying to say is that the emptier something is, the more effect energy has on it. Very much like our universe. Imagine the effect a single sub-atom would have on absolute emptiness.


Within the laws of quantum mechanics it is possible for something to exist from nothing. In fact, it happens every minute.

When you pour yourself a glass of milk, I bet you never think about what its made off (beyond from a cow). Milk, like everything, is made from atoms. But, if you zoom past the atoms into the sub-atomic level, you will se protons being created from NOTHING! They literally just appear! They appear, then vanish within a matter of seconds.


Simple, my shoebox experiment. Before the big band there was complete emptiness ( I know, its hard to imagine). But, because of the absolute emptiness, all it would take is a split second of energy too cause the big bang.

Thank You for reading.

High Wycombe… IS BAD!



High Wycombe

When one walks through the grey, littered streets of High Wycombe, you will notice the swarm of chavs scavenging like vultures in pound land, Primark  and JD sports. Chavs are not the only foul beasts whom roam the streets of Wycombe, an army of arrogant school students  are often seen ( and you don’t have to be David Attenborough  to spot them!). 

The Eden center is easily Wycombe’s  biggest failure. Its shop consists of clothes, clothes… and MORE clothes. Though, there is a HMV (a glimmer of hope… maybe not).  Please, please, please… put some damn doors on the Eden center! not even Bear Grylls can take such punishment from the Eden’s wind tunnel.

I simply feel sorry for the rest of Bucks, the beautiful country side, friendly people and wildlife… RUINED! by High Wycombe’s ugly looking town.

Feminists, feel free to leave.


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We all know someone whom believes women are treated unfairly and below men. This may have been the case 100 years ago. But today, men and women are equal. This does not please all though.

Feminists around the world have raged war on “lads mags” and pornography. I would just like to say that these women aren’t forced into these industries, it is a choice. Feminists also seem to be forgetting that men also take part in this line of work.

Lilly Allen’s latest song “hard out here” has, annoyingly, sparked yet another feminist movement; the music industry. Though, it is true that many female singers shake there danglys on stage, this once again, is not the case for ALL female singers. Tell me please, how often have you seen Adele, Ellie Goulding or ICONA POP shaking there private parts in a video? Not at all. Feminists seem to be forgetting,also, that not all men listen to music for the sexual part, most listen to music because they enjoy. The very thought of John Lennon, Roy Orbison, Johnny Cash  and David Bowie ( to name a few of my favourite musicians) shaking there ass-wearing next to nothing-makes me cringe where I stand.

I would like to end this article by saying this. If you feminists are truly determined to fight for women’s rights, then why not fly out to somewhere like Saudi Arabia? Where women have next to no rights, and are being sentenced to rape for there brothers crime? Surely, surely, surely… this is more important than bitching about pornography and the music industry?

Are Britain’s youth taught to hate communism?


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The theory of communism may be summed up in one sentence: Abolish all private property.”- Karl Marx

Within secondary schools communism in often discussed. When studying the Vietnam war, Stalin’s dictatorship and the cold war, our history teacher-and many of my fellow pupils-came to the conclusion that communism only works in theory. Sadly, we had only discussed the corrupted version of communism, which was tinted by dictators (like Stalin). Our teacher failed to explained to my fellow class mates about Cuba, Karl Marx and the morality behind communism’s essence. Stalin, Kim Jong-Un and a handful of other corrupt dictators, quickly became the talking point of the lessons. When communism is considered a “failure”, one will quite often ponder in the “failures” of capitalism. The common myth of communism only working in theory can be disproved instantly. Despite being run corruptly, communism in China, Soviet Union and North Korea, does/did indeed work. Sadly, the dictators/governments were taking vast amounts of money for themselves(this contradicts Karl Marx’s theory of equality). Capitalism has also had its fair  share of corrupt dictators, wars, revolutions and lying governments. For example, the conservative party seem to have an obsession with treating richer people better, leaving the poorer “class” to pay more tax. Many bankers (whom earn millions every year) have been known not to pay any tax. Capitalism has also fallen to money scandals. In 2009, evidence against George Osborne ( Britain’s chancellor) proved that he owed just over £55,000 to the British public; this  evidence was released just months after he called benefit thieves “muggers”. Osborne’s case is not the only capitalist scandal in the UK; over three quarters or parliament were using tax payers money to buy holidays, second homes and cars (one politician even brought a £500 pound duck home). Now, which form of government is “evil”?

If it is true, youth being taught to hat communism, then why is this the case? What is so bad about (positively) teaching youth (and adults) about equal rights, equal pay and a generally more moral form of government? The only reason equal pay would not work is greed. I see nothing more important than teaching infants-not just teenagers- that excessive amounts of money is not important. I myself, do not see money as the most important thing in the world, I simply want to live happily, and aspire for others to do the same. Though, I do not believe this is the reason for the rejection of communism in youth, teaching the true value of life to children should be schools priority.

Society should be equal. That was Marx’s dream. Britain’s youth seem to misunderstand the benefits and morality behind equality.Marx and Engels were firm believers in equal pay for ALL. Despite doing the exact same work- at the same quality- as my fellow workmates , I am being paid less than minimum wage (or “labor wage”, as Marx put it). This is because I am under-18. It seems unfair that workers are paid based on their age. Surely, the government would consider demolishing under-18 wage, and replace it with adult’s minimum wage.

Since year 6 , most children are told to aspire to go to a good university and get an “upper class” job. This is madness, teaching children to look down at middle and lower class jobs and there workers is disgusting, anyone whom teaches kids such nonsense should be deeply ashamed of themselves.

Wage, is also determined by your social “class”. Marx understood the more labour you do; the less you get paid. This is still the case today. The elimination of manual labour was another prediction of his. The employment of machines and robots has torn away jobs and lowered wages. It seems the answer to Britain’s “lack of jobs” would be the elimination of machinery and computers. The only change in classes over the years ahs been the names by which we call them. Today, we know these classes as; “upper class”, “lower class” and “middle class”.

The “upper class” is the rich, to put it bluntly. This is the social class aimed for by the majority of capitalist workers. Many (especially labourers)wont come close to this target. The “upper class” is treated better and more important than the other “classes”. The “upper class” is a wide spectrum, despite being so specific, and varies from doctors, politicians and royalty. Many, whom are considered “upper class”, are born into their wealth, money and power (like the royal family). It is very worrying that some people can be born into such power. The monarchy is society’s biggest evil.

The “middle class” are those whom earn enough to live comfortably. Once again it is a wide spectrum, teachers, lorry drivers and fitness instructors, are a few examples of “middle class” jobs. Do not be mistaken, though the “middle class” is below the “upper class”, it does not mean it’s a bad lifestyle. A good communist government would aim for ALL to be paid “middle class” wage. The “middle class” are fairly respected, but are still looked down on by many whom were born into “upper class” family’s

The “lower class” are those whom are struggling to live decent lives. They struggle to keep their homes (some don’t have a home). Those in the “lower class “are usually treated with no respect from there employers; this is what Marx was talking about. Many “lower class” workers are labourers, and get paid next to nothing.

In conclusion, not only are children taught to hate communism, but they are also taught to hate the idea of living without unnecessary wealth. I, for one, would live in a world of equality and social unity, rather than having individual power. I wish others would do the same also.


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